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MyFax Simplifies Your Fax
MyFax unveiled its new Web interface for its Internet-based fax service that allows users to send and receive faxes using registered email accounts and the Web. The system, designed to enhance each customer's experience, also brings improved flexibility, manageability, and efficiency to the multitude of businesses that still rely on fax communication - and those that only use faxes on occasion as well - which is a step towards the ultimate goal, increased productivity.

MyFax customers can access the new MyFax Web interface to experience the variety of new features, including friendly and consistent navigation tools for quick and easy faxing and receiving and user administration. Enhancements include a versatile email Inbox-like structure, with additional archiving options - received faxes can be accessed online for one month with no additional charge.

Other enhanced features include a flexible cover page manager, allowing users to create and customize their own cover page(s), including templates for both formal and informal situations. It also lets users decide which faxes to view or print, which to save, and which to delete - much like email applications.

"Faxing is moving online, says Joseph Nour CEO, Protus IP Solutions. "From large enterprises to individual workers, internet faxing is the future. MyFax makes it easy to move online with great value, unique features and a user-friendly design."

With its organization tools and ease of use, MyFax makes business practices more efficient, not to mention friendlier - there are no fax machines to maintain that constantly are in need of maintenance. What's more, MyFax integrates easily into existing business systems, such as CRM and ERP and supports multiple software offerings (i.e., MS Office, Lotus Notes, etc.) and 176 different file formats.

In terms any executive can understand, when compared to traditional fax machines, MyFax is said to save more than 90% on capital expenditures, close to that in recurring monthly fees, and 89% over five years' time.

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