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Report Spam Fax

We're frequently asked about whether we disclose your fax number and/or send unsolicited faxes.

Our answer is very simple - no!

At Protus, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our MyFax customers, ensuring regulatory adherence by our broadcast customers, and keeping fax spam out of everyone's email inbox.

At Protus:

we don't disclose your fax number
we don't send you faxes
we don't disclose your email address
we don't allow advertisers to email you

Protus, itself, does not send faxes, nor does it rent, sell or distribute any lists of fax numbers. Protus provides a service which allows our customers to distribute faxes cost-effectively.

If You've Received a Junk Fax

If you've received an unsolicited fax advertisement, we suggest the following:

Call the opt-out number on the fax, if one has been provided
If you are a MyFax customer, please follow this link to the MyFax website where you can report your unsolicited fax

As a public service, we also maintain a do-not-fax list which will prevent any of our broadcast customers from faxing your number. To add your number to this list, please call toll free 1-866-272-9959 (or 1-613-733-0000 ext. 4).

If You're a Protus Fax Broadcast Client

Sending unsolicited fax advertisements is a poor business practice and is prohibited in the United States as well as many other countries, states and provinces. Therefore, we expect and require that all of our customers conform to these rules and regulations, and we provide many helpful features:

All faxes sent by Protus have proper headers, with accurate timestamps and sending information
Faxes to numbers on your do-not-fax (exclude) list will be automatically blocked
A toll free service is provided to help you collect opt-out requests

To help you understand the regulations in your area, here are some helpful resources:

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has provided this guide:
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the US regulatory body:
The CRTC governs faxing in Canada:
Protus Terms of Use:

If in doubt, you should consult an independent legal advisor. Protus cannot provide you with legal advice.

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