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Fax Broadcast
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Fax Broadcast

Protus Fax Messaging is a web-based Internet fax service that is designed for single fax or multiple fax broadcasts. Your faxes are delivered instantly to where and when you want them.

Fax Messaging sends hundreds of thousands of faxes at once.

Fax Messaging campaigns can be directed from your email or our internet self-serve online account.

Fax Messaging can merge data from various sources to personalize your fax.

Fax Messaging is perfect for

Marketing and Event Firms: event notifications, service agreements.

Financial Services: service notifications, agreements.

Insurance Agencies: information requests.

Utilities: service interruptions, service calls.

Retail: customer sales, appreciation events.

Travel industry: travel notifications, seat sales, special events.
Create Your Fax Message

Convert to fax broadcasting format from all popular file types.

Personalize your fax broadcast by merging information from other data sources.

Send Your Message

Schedule fax broadcasts for maximum effectiveness.

Deliver multiple fax broadcasts simultaneously.

Measure Your Results

Measure results through real-time, on-line reporting.

Download detailed reports including completions and exclusions.

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