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MyFax® is an award-winning online fax service that lets you send and receive faxes using email and the web.

MyFax eliminates fax machines, fax servers and everything that goes with them, like fax supplies, dedicated fax lines and long distance charges.

No more busy signals, no more waiting by the fax machine. And no more paper.
MyFax is the ideal online fax service for home users and business users ranging from small offices to large corporations.
Learn more about MyFax Internet fax:

Internet fax for personal & small business fax needs.
$10 per month for a single fax number.

Internet fax for corporate fax needs.
For large, high-volume Internet fax deployments.

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"I am in sales and always traveling. I was not able to check for faxes until I got home, sometimes missing an opportunity for new business. MyFax has allowed me to receive all of my orders and quotes while traveling."
G. Manning, Sales, General Motors

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