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Protus® provides the highest quality
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"I was new to the service and was extremely impressed with how easy it was to setup, launch and track campaign results. We achieved outstanding results and have used the service repeatedly now for federal election campaigns and find it one of the most value-priced campaign tools available in the market."

D.L. Jay Bedford
Marketing Director Federal Election Campaign 2006
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Voice Broadcast

An effective, smart way to connect with your customers

Experience Protus Voice, an effective and smart way to connect with your customers. Protus Voice allows businesses to communicate to thousands of customers at once with a single voice call.

Use voice messaging to:

Send timely notification and reminder phone calls

Poll customers for instant feedback

Leverage email and direct mail campaigns to improve response rates

Protus Voice is the perfect solution for call/contact center marketing programs, customer notifications and reminders, and political campaigns.

Easy as 1-2-3

Protus Voice is a simple, self-serve web-based service. You just record your audio message, launch your voice marketing campaign, then view live results as Protus collects data from answered calls in real time.

Easy as 1-2-3

Use Protus Voice for:

Direct marketing, advertising, and sales campaigns

Customer retention

Appointment reminders and scheduling

Subscription renewals and notifications

Communication updates

Polling and surveying

Have questions? Call 1-888-733-7007 to speak to a Protus Voice Account Executive about your voice broadcast requirements.

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