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"Protus Voice Services allows us to drive new call center business, encourage demand and communicate to our customers fast and efficiently. The service works so well it is transparent to our organization and has been fully accepted as an internal resource tool, allowing us to realize significant time and cost savings."

Jim Boles CMA
Vice President RX International Services Inc.
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Contact/Call Center

Create effective, low cost voice marketing campaigns

Call centers must effectively manage resources and keep agents on the phones with customers. Protus Voice enables you to send thousands of calls to customers and connect them quickly to your live agents.

Key Benefits:

Improve call center agent productivity and connect agents with more hot leads.

Reduce the time live operators spend on outbound calls and improve their sales efficiency.

Increase campaign response rates when Protus Voice is mixed with other direct marketing programs.

Follow up on direct marketing and advertising campaigns.

Strengthen call center operating ROI.

Improve sales lead follow-up conversion rates.

Get live feedback on program results with comprehensive reporting and tracking metrics.

With Protus Voice, your call center will benefit from stronger campaign results, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced operating costs.

Contact/Call Center Solution Contact/Call Center Solution Fact Sheet
Create effective, low cost voice marketing campaigns. Call centers must effectively manage resources and keep agents on the phones with...

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