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Fax Broadcast

"Your kind and dedicated staff made the start up process easy to understand."

T. Smith
Special Operations Technology
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Voice Broadcast

NEW! Broadcast Flow Control
Pace your voice messages to be more effective and control the number of calls being delivered per hour.

Easy, web-based campaign management
Create, schedule, launch and track your voice campaigns using the Protus Voice easy-to-use, self-serve website.

Unlimited voice message recording
Record your voice messages with Protus Voice or upload your pre-recorded sound files.

Flexible voice message controls
Allow customers to replay messages and opt-out of campaigns. Capture receipt confirmations.

Adjustable date/time delivery
Schedule your voice calls and reach your audience at a date/time when they're most receptive.

'Hot Key' call transfer to a live operator
Embed hot keys in your voice messages and let customers reach a live operator by pressing a button. Transfer to a phone number of your choice.

Smart answering detection - machine & voice

Flexible call list management
Benefit from centralized list management. Create lists using industry-standard Microsoft® Excel, Access or ASCII comma delimited files.

Interactive surveys and questionnaires
Create interactive voice questionnaires to get instant feedback from customers. Track progress and view results online.

Comprehensive, real-time reports
Ensure maximum return on investment (ROI) with live campaign reports.

Instant results online
Get instant real-time access and immediate online reporting of campaign results.

Automated do-not-call & opt-out management
Respect customer privacy with automated do-not-call management, opt-out processing, and scheduled allowable-hours calling.

Secure XML for System Integrators and Value-Added-Resellers (VARs)
Complete, documented and secured API to ease custom development.

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